We need a step change...


At The Horse Collective we love working with Clients like you.

You are the ones that want to drive change for your people, culture and organisation fast, and the pressure is mounting by the day. Sometimes the change is big. Sometimes it's just about doing the subtler things smarter.  And sometimes you just need to know more about your people to work out what next looks like.

Whatever IT is, IT's exciting

We're The Horse Collective and we’re in the people business.

We coach clients, but what's different about our coaching setup is that we use horses.

We know, it sounds random.

We use them because they don't judge.  They don't care who you are but what they do care about is whether you can keep them safe.  They react to what you bring on the day and that's why they are a brilliant coach.

How we work with clients


Personal Leadership - who you are, how you engage with others, your personal leadership style






Team Development - Team dynamics, the roles people play, strengths and preferences






Organisational Change- Leveraging the individuals and the team to drive sustainable business change





But why horses?


Active way to Learn

- Experiential
- Test new skills immediately
- Out of comfort zone

It works fast

- Gets to the heart of what is holding someone back
- Expedites change
- Quick return for your budget

It sticks

- Memorable
- High impact
- Life-changing

What can we expect?


After introductions over a cuppa will spend sometime in the arena with the horses.  We'll set you a number of activities to work on with your horse and you’ll be coached throughout the session. There is no right or wrong way of doing each activity.  Everyone approaches them differently which is what the experience so unique to you and your team.   

Each of our sessions are designed to meet our clients objectives.  What's important to us is that you leave us having had an insightful experience and a valuable coaching engagement.

Who are the coaches?



CATH is our resident horse expert. After an extensive career of working at board level in the retail world, she decided to combine her two loves of running a Livery business and opening her own Coaching practice. Cath is a talented and highly experienced qualified equine coach. She gets an absolute buzz from helping her clients. Insightful, fun and open and she is rather partial to the odd glass of red wine too.


KATHRYN was lured to the dark side of equine coaching by Cath.  What had the risk of becoming an expensive hobby, resulted in Kathryn discovering a new passion. Kathryn has worked in senior leadership positions and has many hours of coaching experience under her belt.   A qualified coach who is a great listener, honest with a warped sense of humour that she blames on the gin.




"We can work with up to teams of 12 people


You won't be riding the horses. Also all our horses are domesticated animals


We work all the way through the year with access to indoor and outdoor arenas


Two venues.  
Great Missenden,
Bucks and Burnham Beeches, Bucks

For more information please contact Kathryn:

Kathryn@thehorsecollective.com or +44 7984 494177

The horse collective



t: +44 7984 494177